LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP that is an open-source Web development platform; this is also called a Web stack that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the RDBMS and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language. Perl or Python is often substituted for PHP. A lamp stack developer is a person who works with these web development platforms and creates innovative features.

Skills and Qualifications

We require candidates with 3-6 years of experience. Interested candidates should possess a Bachelor’s Degree, fluent in Software Engineering Techniques, Software Engineering Architecture, Software Engineering life phases and Data Management. Candidates should have experience in working on Agile SDLC methodology. There are many relevant degrees, but candidates having a creative bent of mind along withthe technical element would be preferred. Other essential qualities required are:

  • Well versed in OOAD, Design Pattern and Application framework development.
  • Strong hold on and experience with Angular JS, Bootstrap and Node JS.
  • The candidates well skilled in API Design, Development and integration (of the 3rd party available).
  • Well interacted with SQL and relational databases.
  • Possess sufficient knowledge in designing multi component / multi server deployments of a solution.
  • Proficient in debugging skills.
  • knowledge in PHP and LAMP stack will be given preference.
  • Expertise in Rabbit MQ will be a bonus point.
  • Exceptional communication skills and willing to work till 11pm IST to coordinate with client offices.

Roles and Responsibilities

The duties of a Lamp Stack Developer can differ depending upon the type of organization the candidate is working for and the technical status of the website. Some of the duties of a Lamp Stack developer are:

  • To attend conferences to identify the needs of the clients and interacting regularly with them;
  • To create detailed website statements;
  • Plotting specimen page layouts including text size and colors;
  • To Design graphics, animations and handling digital photographs;
  • Recording web domain names and arranging the host of the website;
  • Introducing clients with new ideas;
  • Coding through a wide range of software;
  • To work with different content management systems;
  • Maximizing the use of search engines;
  • Meet appropriate legal requirements such as standards of accessibility, freedom of information and privacy;
  • Designing the website’s visual imagery and to make sure it’s in accordance with company branding policy or the demands of the client;
  • To read the content carefully and make necessary changes;
  • Edit content, debugging code and re-creating web pages;
  • To work in coordination with other web specialists including web developers and graphic designers;
  • Testing the website to make sure it is working;
  • To hand over a complete website to the clients;
  • To provide technical assistance after the sales of the websites to the clients;
  • Provide training to the staff of the clients;
  • To look for new trending and current designs;
  • To continue with new professional developments to be updated with new software developments.

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