Boost your marketing campaign
with striking creatives

A great idea is worth nothing if it is not expressed well. It needs to capture the essence of your brand with captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. Advertisers spend millions on a campaign that fizzles out due to the not-so-hardworking creative. We can ensure that your advertising effort does meet that end. Creative Marketing Services follow a proven process that assures success

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We begin by talking to your audience and understanding their needs. We pin it all together with your brand purpose and create an advertising message that resonates well. And A/B testing to assure your marketing buck is spent behind the right creative. Most marketers ignore pre-testing and go by their gut feeling, which turns out to be detrimental in the end. We encourage our clients to test various creatives before plunging into one of them.

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The clutter in the online media is too much to overcome with a weak creative. We use the right visuals to connect with the readers instantly. Copy and the graphics are kept simple to cut through the noise and strike a chord with target audience. Every element of the creative comes from the key visuals of the brand and is well-aligned to its purpose. The brand logo, typography, visual aids are not tampered with. We only add a unique dimension to the campaign with a new communication.

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We believe it is important to agree on an objective – awareness, reach, conversions or leads. All creative element is tied to this objective. Even the media placement is governed by the goal of the campaign. Every creative ends with a call-to-action guiding the interested audience to the right brand property. When this call-to-action is linked back to analytics, an ROI is easy to calculate.

Creativity of a campaign can make or break your advertising effort. When it is handled systematically with a clearly laid out process, the results come through.