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tech-forward customer base

Mobile usage has skyrocketed and there is no way you want to miss out on this growing tech-savvy consumer base. There is a big opportunity to influence the users who are consuming tremendous amount of content on-the-go and we help you do exactly that. Mobile Marketing Services has gone beyond SMS or mobile SEO. We help you cover the entire gamut of mobile advertising right from push notification to app downloads.

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We believe that the mobile audience makes decisions rapidly and a good mobile marketing company always works on that instinct. We build landing pages and optimize them with the right click-to-call action points. And ensure that there are minimal dropouts and every visitor takes the intended action, either immediately or eventually due to persistent mobile advertising. We cast a wide net to reach the consumer at various junctures in his product discovery journey.

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It is one thing to burn money on mobile marketing and quite another to optimize every cent for maximum returns. We use the power of data to create laser sharp mobile marketing strategies. Mobile phone advertising takes a new dimension when it is clubbed with analytics. We report the campaign progress on various metrics so that you can make informed decisions.

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We use a mix of text, IM, email, social media and apps to reach your audience base. When a user subscribes to one channel, we compel them to opt-in for others too through smart mobile marketing techniques. The more channels we use, the higher are chances for conversion. The message is broadcasted through numerous modes, ensuring action. We take an extremely scientific approach to tap into your consumer base and drive the intended actions. Your goals are our focal points and we never lose sight of them.

At Atom Systems Private limited, we are proud of being one of the leading mobile marketing companies who have helped brands achieve their goals consistently. We educate our clients on the right mobile technologies and marketing solutions, chart out a goal-linked plan, analyze the progress and use smart mobile phone advertising or app based marketing to ensure a success.