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What Is Ethical Hacking?

Art of detecting vulnerabilities and discovering weaknesses

If we talk about cyber security, hacking specifically comes in three different colors – White, Grey and Black. White-hat hackers or ethical hackers are security or computer professionals who use their hacking skills and tools with the consent of the target. Thus, it is a legal form of hacking. The primary motive of such hackers is finding and fixing an organization’s security errors to protect its security network from malicious hackers.

What Is The Need Of Ethical Hacking?

The most precious asset of any organization is its information and database. Any loss of confidential information may damage the organization’s established reputation in the market that may further cause loss of monetary values.

Why Is It Important To Learn It?

Ethical hacking is one such skill that should be mastered by every IT professional. With the increased use of internet across the world, cyber crime is rising rapidly and the IT industry is eagerly looking for a bunch of skillful ethical hackers to stop it. However, the scope of ethical hacking is not confined to only IT industry. There are private, government organizations and many others where an ethical hacker is considered as an integral element of its workforce.

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