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What is Selenium With Java?

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Selenium is certainly one of the most popular open source automation testing tool which backs up automation of web applications over various browsers and programming languages. It also extends Selenese, which is a test-domain specific language to write its scripts in many widely used programming languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl and Groovy.

Java is one of the preferred languages which is used for writing automation tests in Selenium. Selenium offers a certain degree of flexibility to the testers particularly those who hold scripting as well advanced programming skills to meet different complexity levels. Let us help you get there.

Why Selenium is Gaining Popularity?

Big Data is one of the most dynamic fields

It is freely accessible to public. Unlike other testing tools, it does not have a license cost associated with it. One does not need any special OS/ browser with Selenium. You can test website on most of the popular browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Besides, it can be integrated with ease with other open source tools to for continuous testing. It supports multiple programming languages such as Java, Python etc. An important factor that compels you to learn Selenium is its parallel and distributed testing which lacks in most of the tools. Execution of Selenium tests can be carried on web servers without a GUI system that automatically enhances the functionality of machines.

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